A different NGO

100 % of donations reach their destination

In Amigos de Inharrime we can assume that 100 % of the donations reach their destination , because we cover administrative expenses with those donors who choose to join us (10 € / year).

To do this we differentiate donations from membership fees. It is, if you decide to cooperate economically with Amigos de Inharrime is not necessary to become a member. Partnering is an independent choice with which aid covers the costs of managing the NGO and also obtain the right to vote, because it is an association.

Minimizing management costs

Now it is considered that an NGO makes a good run when devotes less than 10% of their income on management fees. In our case we are proud to have never reached 1% management fee, thanks to we are all volunteers and our work comes from the dedication of our spare time. Minimum expenditure management to allocate projects 100 % of donations.

Gastos de gestión mínimos para destinar a proyectos el 100% de las donaciones.

Our commitment is that 100 % of the money received from sponsorships and donations is sent to Mozambique to be used in accordance with these criteria.